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Allen Mouse Brain Atlas API

New Allen Brain Atlas API Available

The Allen Brain Atlas API now offers access to our online data from across the suite of Allen Brain Atlas resources. Although the original Allen Mouse Brain Atlas API is still available, the latest 3-D grid-level expression summaries, reference atlas, and services for the Mouse Brain Atlas are available via the Allen Brain Atlas API.

Programmatic access to the mouse brain atlas is possible using the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas application programming interface (API). Data made available includes:
  • High-resolution images can be downloaded intact, or you can specify regions of interest or a lower resolution
  • Expression data from an experiment's image series can be retrieved from a 3D volume file
  • 3D coordinates for Allen Reference Atlas structures are available in 25μm, 100μm, and 200μm resolutions
  • Find genes with similar gene expression profiles using Correlation Search
API Home   Web page for the API
Documentation   API reference
Demonstration Applications   Web page detailing applications that demonstrate the use of the API
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